10 Items for Songkran Festival!

1. Waterproof Bag: Protecting your cell and wallet

2. Waterproof Phone Case

3. Sunscreen: Thailand’s sun is the strongest

4. Supplies: Snack is vital when you can’t access crowded cafes

5. Water: Preparing H2O to prevent dehydration

6. Waterproof Make-up: Ladies, you don’t want your mascara to run down to your chin!

7. Water Battle Supplies: Either water guns or bowls. Be ready!

8. Fragranced colognes: Why don’t you impress everyone with Thai-mysterious fragrances! It is like turning back time!

9. Waterproof glasses

10. Waterproof Hand held Monopod : Protect your Mobile Phone and Bluetooth Remote Control

Author : Ammy @chillwonpai | @ArmchairTravellerFanpage


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