The origins of moon cake and 3 restaurants you shouldn’t miss this year

The origins of moon cake and 3 restaurants you shouldn’t miss this year

It’s time for moon cake festival again. The festival you’ve been waiting for. This year, we select some of the top restaurants specializing in making super delicious moon cakes. On top of that, you can learn how the Chinese come up with this meaningful moon cake festival from this article.


Why mooncake festival?

The Mooncake festival, also known as the mid-autumn festival, is one of the biggest festivals in Chinese calendar. This year, the full moon is on 6 October. The moon festival is there to celebrate the end of the harvest season for the Chinese.

The origins of mooncake

There’s a few legends about the origin of mooncakes.

The first story is about a man called Hou Yi, who married a woman named Chang E.  One day, Chang E was saddened by the news that Hou Yi was killed by his confidant. So, she drank the elixir and flew back to the moon alone with great sadness.

Another myth is about the Han Chinese, who were oppressed by the Mongols. So, the Han Chinese distributed the mooncakes to the Chinese with secret messages hidden in the mooncake to plan an attack on the Mongols.


3 restaurants you can’t miss for mooncakes.

Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel

Fei Ya Chinese restaurant at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel, led by chef Liang Qing Hoy, offers 4 popular culinary taste, durian with egg yolk, white lotus seed with egg yolk, red bean with egg yolk, and mixed nuts with Chinese ham.

Sales start from 1 August until 4 October 2017
More information, please call 02 125 5000


As one of the most famous places for mooncakes, you shouldn’t miss mooncakes from Mandarin Oriental. The new flavor such as red date with melon seeds is something worth a try. The most popular flavors are custard, white lotus with egg yolk and durian with egg yolk.

For something even more special this year, do try the oriental luxury box which includes La Grande Dame Tea by Mariage Frères along with the renowned mooncakes.
Sales start from 15 August until 4 October 2017
More information, please call +66 (2) 659 9000 or https://goo.gl/uhCKpV



W Bangkok

Still with chic and minimalist style, W hotel offers exciting flavors for mooncakes with creative packaging. You can choose 2 types of crust: traditional baked or Snowflourd, its signature. Apart from at the hotel, you can also buy the mooncakes at Siam Paragon and Emquartier.


Sales start from today until 4 October 2017
For more information, www.wbangkok.com/mooncake2017

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