5 Interesting Things about Chinese New Year

5 Interesting Things about Chinese New Year

1. Red Celebration
Talking about New Year’s Day, you might think of 1st January, but Chinese people don’t. With the real tradition which the date relies on China’s Lunar Calendar, Chinese New Year’s Day would be around 21th January – 20th February. That is why Chinese people have to celebrate for twice.

2. Sign of Chinese New Year
Chinese people have been using the animals of zodiac to represent every each year since long time ago. Some of them believed that each year would be a great year for some people whose zodiac is friendly with that year’s zodiac.

3.Dumpling Dumpling and Dumpling
Look up to the traditional Chinese New Year food, they might say “Dumpling” is a key. Its shape looks like the old silver and gold ingots, and Chinese people believed that it will bring the prosperity to their life so that Chinese people often eat dumplings for this time.

4. Many more of firecrackers
Chinese people believed that the explosion sound of firecrackers would scare and chase every evil spirits away. So they would take it to chase all the bad things so that there would be happiness left.

5.Dragon & Lion Dances
Not only the show of dragon & lion dance would enhance the atmosphere of festival, but Chinese people also believed that it will bring luck and chase evil spirits away.

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