5 Ways to Choose a Sunscreen that suitable for your Skin


1. Cream type sunscreen: suitable for normal skin, dry skin due to its fair Not suitable for oily skin.

2. Gel lotion: suitable for oily skin. Because this type of sunscreen is a mixture of water rather than oil.

3. BB Sunscreen (Sunscreen with makeup base) : Easy to use, Smooth your skin as soon as it’s applied. Suitable for people who has not much time or no make-up time.

4. Water-type sunscreen: suitable for those who sweat a lot. It’s not sticky and dry quickly. For sensitive skin, do not forget to choose a recipe with no alcohol.

5. Spray sunscreen: light, not sticky. Can be applied over the make up, portable, easy to use and not stained hands. Can be filled all day.

Author : Ammy @chillwonpai

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