5 weird food ingredients, but great taste that you can find only in Rayong.

Today ThaiGuide will bring you to Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard’s city, where one of the world’s renowned poet lauded by UNESCO, Soonthornphu was born. This seaside city, Rayong, is not only a destination for Durian and mangosteen lovers, it is also famous for several unique herb vegetables, which constitute unique taste and weird names. Well, here we go…

1.Burweed or Pak Kra Chub : Kra Chub means strengthening or making something firmer. This word applies with certain organs like boobs and well, haha, women’s secret place. You know where…This vegetable is so weird that it has great test and renders great results on strengthening secret organ that will make your man happier and sleep well. Wanna try?

2.Shampoo Ginger or Nor Kra Tue : Kra Tue is a slang for gender organs. Surely, this testy vegetables from root , stalks, leaves and flowers will make your organ, well, hotter…Umm..I guess…

3.Pineapple shoots or Kanang Sub Pa Rod : Surprise!? Rayongnese don’t only eat the yellowish meat of their pineapple. They eat their shoots as well. This herb cures several diseases from gonorrhea to leucorrhea.

4.Jujube 3 flavors or Put-Thar Sam Rod : This tropical fruit is a must! It makes you remember Rayong.

5.Rayong’s Unique Noodle or so called “Sen Chan” : Rayong’s noodle has its unique taste and feeling. It is tender and soft. No where else in the world that you can find this kind of deliciousness. The best way to explain it is for you to come and try at its birth place and your Buddy knows how to make you really there! ThaiGuide, your answer to your local experiences.

Author : Ammy @chillwonpai


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