7 tips to secure your dream trips!

7 tips to secure your dream trips!

It’s not easy to find reliable tour agencies and keep calm on your trips nowadays. Today, ThaiGuide will give you 7 tips to secure your future trips! Let’s find out what’s on the plate!!

1. Authorized tour agencies: the tour agencies you are contacting must be authorized from relevant authorities.

2. Valid license: once they are authorized, they must not let the license expire! In Thailand, the license is good for 2 years.

3. Clean record: check the agencies’ credibility with your friends and family, as well as Tourism Authority of Thailand.

4. Clear information: look for trips that provide thorough details–what to expect and prices–etc.

5. Buy through credible online sources: don’t forget to look up their licenses first

6. Keep your receipts!: they will help you when things go wrong!

7. Use credible tour agencies: Buy your trips with authorized tour agencies as they provide insurance and compensations.

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