6 useful techniques for Landscape photoshoots 

 6 useful techniques for Landscape photoshoots 

It’s a pity if a snap of the gorgeous view you took doesn’t do it justice. Good news is you don’t always need those high-end cameras to capture those beautiful landscapes. Just your phone camera and these 7 techniques, your next landscape photos will stun you.

Do your homework

Take some time to go through samples of photos of your next destination and imagine which spot you would like to capture. Good planning can save you tons of time from wandering around.

It’s all about good timing

Different timing gives different mood and tone. Just take a look at sunrise and sunset photos and you’ll realize that the one and only sun gives a totally different mood. You’ll feel cheerful and energetic seeing a sunrise photo, while you will feel calm looking at peaceful sunset shot. It’s critical taking these sunrise & sunset photos because the sun truly doesn’t wait. The perfect moment can go by so fast. Don’t forget to spare some time finding a nice spot and setting up your camera!

Always carry a tripod

A good landscape photo needs a firm base from your hands, better yet Tripods. Good news is you don’t have to carry heavy tripods to make your photo stunning. There is a variety of tripods that are light and compact nowadays. Just try using Tripods and you’ll find the difference and the power of real focus.

Keep your horizontal lines straight

The simple little thing that most people overlook is the horizon. The horizon is a good focus point that will make your composition professional. Whether it be a beach and a sky or a river and a shore, a straight horizontal line must be presented. Good news is there is an application to help you make your photos look professional.

Different seasons, different feelings

You don’t need to make an excuse for repeating your itinerary. One location can give you different portraits in different seasons. Take Pai for example, if you visit Pai in rainy season, you’ll get to see green rice paddies. While in summer, you’ll get a little bit of lonely sense. For the high season in winter, you’ll observe a beautiful sea of clouds. Different seasons give Pai different ambience, and it’s true for anywhere else.

Sharp or blurred, present dimension in your pictures

Foreground and background help your photo attractive in different perspective. Most of us pick the spot we like first, so the background is a little easier to adjust. For the foreground, it can be a little tricky, but I can tell you it’s worth a try! If you happen to be in an open grassland, try positioning your face behind the grass and blur the foreground, you’ll get a totally different photo – as if it’s taken from a professional photographer.

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