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A day in Naan: be a hipster in Naan for a day

A day in Naan: be a hipster in Naan for a day

Another intriguing charm of Naan besides lush greenery and mountains is its minimalist way of life. Chiangmai is not the only destination for hipsters to hang out. Today, we’ll take you to Naan to live like a hipster. Slowly enjoy riding a traditional 3 wheeler and make your own drip coffee. A real chic itinerary.

Boon Lerd Restaurant

Head to Boon Lerd Restaurant situated near morning market in the center of Muang district in Naan. The restaurant is easy to find and offers parking spaces. The not-to-be-missed menu is Dim Sum. There are many different kinds of Dim Sum for you to choose from. The wonton soup here is super tasty. The restaurant gives many wontons per bowl making our breakfast a hearty one.

A traditional 3 wheeler

We made an appointment with a traditional 3 wheeler rider to pick us up after breakfast at the restaurant then head to different temples. We got to closely feel Naan atmosphere by looking at pedestrians. The rider was knowledgeable and told us many historical stories in a fun and lively way.

3 wheeler 3 temples…

Don Kaew Temple, Phaya Phu Temple, and Suan Tan Temple

It’s time to visit temples! Let’s start off with Don Kaew Temple, an old temple constructed over 230 years ago. The temple is one of the two temples in Naan that has the Buddha arch. The Buddha arch is believed to be the place where locals placed their personal valuables during the ground breaking ceremonies of a temple. The arch was then built to house those valuables and to protect them from burglary.

From Don Kaew Temple, we moved on to the next temple called Phaya Phu Temple, another important and old temple of Naan constructed in 1413. The principal Buddha image of this temple is considered the largest Buddha image in Subduing Mara position in Naan. The ancient carved wood doors with an image of a guardian giant are spectacular and striking.

The last but not least temple on our “3-wheel-biking itinerary” is Suan Tan Temple, an old temple graciously stood beside Naan for more than 600 years. The temple was established in 1412 during Phangnga Pathumavadee and Phaya Phu Kheng era. Phaya Phu Kheng was a ruler of the northern town outside Naan’s city wall. The temple is situated in a former royal sugar-palm garden (meaning Suan Tan in Thai), hence its name.

The principal Buddha image of this temple is Thongthip Buddha, a large bronze Buddha statue sitting in a large royal temple hall. Thongthip Buddha is a holy and sacred Buddha image that every visitor wants to come and worship. The holy water well (sacred spring) is another sacred sight providing holy water used in various religious ceremonies.

A true hipster: a barista edition

It’s time to slothfully enjoy coffee. So, let’s go to Risasinee Spa and Resort, a chic hotel located near Naan airport. At Risasinee, you can make your own drip coffee.

Moreover, the coffee beans used here are nothing ordinary, but a special type of coffee beans called “Geisha”. For coffee lover, you’re going to fall in love with Geisha because of its unique aromatic smell and its sweet taste. No wonder, Geisha is the world’s most expensive coffee.

Auntie Nim Thai Dessert


Wrapping up a hipster day at Auntie Nim Thai Dessert, a famous and must-visit dessert place in Naan. There are various kinds of Thai desserts to choose from. But the best part of this place is the coconut ice cream served with every dish ordered. The perfect combination of a sweet dessert and a refreshing ice-cream is truly a must try! Auntie Nim Thai Dessert has moved to a new location on the way to Naan’s airport. The new location is also Auntie Nim’s own large and gorgeous resident.

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