Becoming a Thai Lue villager for a day

Becoming a Thai Lue villager for a day

Is Naan all about nature?

Naan is becoming an increasingly popular destination especially among social media users. This is because Naan offers both great nature and laid-back lifestyle. A simple lifestyle of Naan locals that is down-to-earth yet still stays relevant in this modern world, attracts visitors to come here and experience this way of living. And if you’re into learning about traditional ways of life, our Creative Tourism is offering a special activity for you to enjoy by learning to hand-weave your own fabric with the real villagers at “Banket Textile Group” in Naan!

Keeping the Thai Lue local wisdom alive

Among popular destinations in Naan, Amphoe Pua (Pua District) is outstanding because of the beauty of its nature and, most importantly, the hidden charm of the villagers’ way of lives. If you come to Amphoe Pua, it is a must to get to know the lifestyle of Thai Lue villagers here.

“Banket Textile Group” was founded with an aim to keep the ancient local wisdom of the villagers alive. Villagers will gather here and hand weave their exceptionally-patterned fabric with traditional techniques. However, new patterns are also created to make a wide selection of souvenirs. With its high-quality craftsmanship, “Banket Textile Group” was honored to be 1 of the 3 villages designated to hand weave the flags used to decorate in the royal cremation ceremony of Princess Galyani Vadhana. This undoubtedly guarantees the unique charm of Banket Textile Group.

Modern Thais with local fabric

Our activity doesn’t end at how the local fabrics are made, but it also shows how those fabrics can be incorporated with other merchandise and how they can add value to the villagers’ product lines. You can choose from tablecloths, dish cloths, Thai triangle pillows to the most popular one, scarfs. A wide variety of hand-woven fabric is also available for you to choose from.

Weave with Love with “Auntie Lorm” 

Once you visit Banket Textile group, you shouldn’t miss an opportunity to meet “Auntie Lorm” or Khun Sadanant Nettip, president of Banket Textile group. Auntie Lorm and her group members will closely teach you how to hand weave your fabric. This time, we get to hand weave our own handkerchiefs and take them back as souvenirs. How cool is that!  This hand-weaving activity at Banket Textile group is a highlight activity that you shouldn’t miss when you visit Amphoe Pua in Naan province. Interested to join this program? Just follow this link for more information >>link

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