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Cocoa Valley: Relaxing accommodation in Pua district, Naan

Cocoa Valley: Relaxing accommodation in Pua district, Naan
One Fine Day in a World of Chocolate

If you happen to be in Naan and don’t want to just stay in Muang district, ThaiGuide would like to introduce Pua District, a place where you can find a relaxing accommodation plus fun activities. From Naan airport, just head north for less than
an hour, you will arrive at a welcoming Pua district. Today, we’ll discover a new travel experience starting with “Cocoa Valley”, a rising star resort and chocolate café in Pua. A must check-in spot for all chocolate lovers.

Highlights of The Trip:
– Soap making workshop
– Chocolate making workshop
– Chill out and leisurely sip a cup of hot chocolate at Cocoa Valley chocolate

Cocoa Valley Check-in
If you plan to stay for a night or two in Naan, checking in at Cocoa Valley is a good idea. This resort is easily accessible and offers amazing accommodation. The guest rooms are super spacious with full amenities, comfy beds, big balconies and great ambience. The thing I like the most is the hair dryer in each room. For girls like us, anywhere with a hair dryer is already a heaven. After a long day of traveling and sweating, a fresh shower from head to toe can certainly guarantee a good night sleep – but not before blow-drying our hair of course!

Making Your D.I.Y. Soap – It’s easier than you think!
If you plan for a day trip, you can skip the check-in process to join this fun activity. Besides its famous chocolate, the soaps at Cocoa Valley are also popular among visitors. Many tourists who stop by wishing to buy these coveted soaps have to be
disappointed because the soaps are out of stock at times. Good news is, if you’d like to avoid disappointment, you can choose to attend the soap making workshop. You’re guaranteed to get both knowledge and soaps back home.

Soaps can be made by several methods but there are two main processes that are widely known; cold process and hot process. Each requires different setting-up time. In this process, we can choose ingredients by ourselves starting from types of oil to our preferred fragrances. You can even combine chocolate as one of your soap ingredients.

A super cool chocolate workshop
While waiting for our handmade soaps to set up, we switch gear to attend the chocolate making workshop. The most special part of this workshop is we get to use the pure 100% home-grown cocoa at Cocoa Valley as our core ingredient. At Cocoa Valley’s private Cocoa farm, the production process is closely controlled from cocoa bean selection process to making ready-to-eat chocolate products. If you’d like to know more how the chocolate is made, feel free to ask the gurus here any time. From cocoa beans to melted chocolate, then to chocolate candies, every detail is amazing.

For the chocolate making workshop, we’ll get to make a chocolate bar which is not too difficult for the newbies. This workshop is also suitable for family. You can also request an advanced workshop if you prefer.

Chill out and leisurely sip a cup of chocolate at Cocoa Valley
Your trip to Cocoa Valley wouldn’t be complete without spending some time at Cocoa Valley’s chocolate bar. After finishing our soap making and chocolate making workshops, it’s time to taste our self-made chocolate. At Cocoa Valley café, as the
name suggested, the menus are full with chocolate varieties ranging from hot chocolate, cold chocolate, chocolate frappe to chocolate bakeries. The recommended dishes are Chocolate dome, Chocolate crepe cake, chocolate fudge brownie,
chocolate cake and many more. But don’t be fooled by its name, the café also serves tea and coffee for something to keep you upbeat. What a cool café it is.

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