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Creating a Contemporary Piece of Art with Hmong Fabric

Creating a Contemporary Piece of Art with Hmong Fabric

fabric painted with candle or wax

Another unseen activity which can only be done in Naan is “Hmong fabric”.  This travel activity, as part of Creative Tourism, will let you create your own artwork which you can take it back as a souvenir, better yet share with your friends on social network. All the art lovers can’t miss this experience.


“Hmong fabric”: Hmong’s local wisdom

“Hmong fabric” or the blue fabric with beautiful patterns is Hmong’s local wisdom originated from the need to weave hemp fabric to make clothes for their own needs. The simple weaving process was later developed to feature beautiful patterns painted by melted candle or wax. The painted fabric will later be dyed again in blue for beautiful finishing. The signature of Hmong fabric is its beautiful patterns that cannot be found anywhere else.

Hands-on Workshop, Paint with Our Own Hands

The fun part of this workshop is to really make your own Hmong fabric. You’ll get to learn how to paint properly from Uncle Wichai who will let you create your own painting from the very first step. Starting with dipping the mold for 10 seconds and flick it twice. Then, paint your own design onto the fabric and dye with blue color for 5 times. Finish the process with boiling the fabric. The candle/wax will peel off and the patterns will appear in white color. The fabric is now ready for sewing.

If you love an art workshop, you can’t miss this activity. You’ll get to use your creative imagination and bring it to life by painting it with candles. You can take your handmade Hmong fabric back home as a souvenir as well. How cool is that?

Hmong Embroidery: a valuable hand embroidery

After finishing the painting on Hmong fabric activity, you can walk around and shop for Hmong embroidered fabric at the opposite side of Uncle Wichai’s house. The hand embroidery is really hard to find nowadays because it takes about 2 months to finish one embroidered piece. So, most of the hand-embroidered pieces are done by the locals for their own use at special occasions. This hand embroidery, as a result, has a pretty steep price of around 6,000 baht. If you’re a fan of a limited edition artwork, you have to be hurry.

This cool workshop with Uncle Wichai can be found only in Naan. For more information about this trip, please follow this (link).

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