Creative Tourism: Naan edition – More Journey, More Passion, More Fun!

Creative Tourism: Naan edition – More Journey, More Passion, More Fun!

This creative tourism of Nann will take you to experience Naan’s charming way of life, where you will have an amazing time full of fun and love through our 10 well-designed routes that will give you choices to discover new experiences in your own styles. Through our creative tourism, you will be offered a chance to chase your own dreams, find inspirations, and pursue the meaning of life and sustainable happiness. Alternatively, if you’re an adrenaline junkie, why not try our nature-challenge routes where life will be filled with energetic spirit and vigour. You’ll get to thoroughly learn and appreciate the charms of Naan in a way that ordinary travel itinerary can’t offer. Travel with the theme of Creative Tourism: Naan edition will take you to discover new experiences from the charming province called Naan. Memorable and unforgettable experience await you to discover!


Creative Tourism: Naan edition

“More Journey, More Passion, More Fun!”

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Highlight activities in Creative Tourism Distric: Naan edition

  1. Learn about Lanna Calligraphy with the real Lanna teaching expert.
  2. Learn about hand-weaving technoques from the the basic.
  3. Make Lanna ceremonial flag called “Tung Ka King” and make merit.
  4. Make beautiful lanterns called “Kom Ma Tao” before offering to the temple.


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