Discover Your Style through Travel : Feel Thai

Discover Your Style through Travel : Feel Thai

For youtube lovers, you must be familiar with “Feel Thai”, a travel blogger with a nickname of “Far-from-home traveler” with more than 15 years of producing travel insights.  Marn Pin, who is a traveler, writer and, of course, a youtuber, is one of the pioneers as a travel blogger.

Jib Marn Pin thinks that her nickname of “Far-from-home traveler” comes from the fact that her travels do not always end at home. She keeps hopping from one place to another. Plus, she also defines herself as a “digital nomad” who roams and works wirelessly from around the world. So, her destinations keep moving as she discovers herself through her journeys.

            A content creator who does more than one thing

          Jib Marn Pin started telling her travel experiences through writing from the paper-based era. From writing lauange teaching books to publishing her own travel guidebooks, which is an ultimate dream of many travelers who love to share their stories, Marn Pin also saw the declining trend of traditional media and started to move to digital media by creating a website, facebook page, and a youtube channel. Her hobby becomes one of her life-long dreams when she realizes that the dedication she has put on her travel and her work has engraved in her DNA and makes her a travel lover. It is fair to say that these days, through travel, she finds happiness.

              The charm of being a youtuber of Feel Thai

Youtube is another amazing channel that lets you explore the world from your home. Marn Pin, as a youtuber of “Feel Thai” channel, is one of the first to share her travel stories on her youtube channel which now earns more than 80,000 followers. With her unique style of “no selfie videos”, her reviews are of high quality and fully dedicated to the places she visits and presented from her “Point of View” style. This has become her signature and her selling point that keep winning travlers’ hearts.

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