Discover Your Style through Travel: Maria na klai baan trip

Discover Your Style through Travel: Maria na klai baan trip

From simple travel reviews posted on Blue Planet page on, “Maria na klai baan” has turned into a popular travel page “สะพายกล้องท่องเที่ยว กับ มาเรีย ณ ไกลบ้าน” or “Maria na klai baan trip”. Her self-discovery through traveling has brought an inspiration for her followers to follow her steps to explore new places around the world.

If you’re a globetrotter, you must be familiar with her page, ““Maria na klai baan trip”. Her love for travel has been portrayed through her photos and articles which bring inspiration, and even sometimes envy, to her fans.

Some might think of Maria as a blogger or a photographer, but she sees herself more as a traveler. With her well-planned, yet flexible, schedule, she always leaves some space for self-relaxation and self-discovery, which is illustrated in her unique travel style. Maria has been praised as an inspirer for others to start roaming the world and taking memorable photos from their journeys.

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