Discover Your style through Travel : The Roaming Cook

Discover Your style through Travel : The Roaming Cook

Gary Butler, an English bloke with food passion especially in Thai and southeast Asian food, is an up-and-coming chef who’s making himself known by Thais with his expertise in Thai culinary art. Ever since he first stepped foot in Thailand in 2009, he’s been in love with the country, the people and, most of all, the food. He’s returned every year since that initial visit and he now lives in Bangkok full time whilst writing his food blog focusing on street food, how it is cooked and most importantly, how to cook it.

Back in the UK, Gary also has a catering business specializing in Thai food as well as creating recipes for various chefs in London. He runs Thai cooking classes which is a perfect opportunity for him to express his passion in Thai food and Thai culture to others who share the same interest.

Gary has a very strong social media presence on social media with over 16,000 dedicated Instagram followers and an ever growing following on Facebook and Twitter. He is always happy to promote any projects he is involved with on these platforms.

Roaming cook discovers himself through travelling in Thailand, find his trip with Creative Tourism District on THAIGUIDE.COM in early November, 2017


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