Discover Your style through travel : Hanbing

Discover Your style through travel : Hanbing

Meet a deep and intellectual Thai guy who makes his way into Chinese entertainment world
Discover yourself through traveling with Hanbing or “Poom”, a Thai host for the Chinese TV show “A Bright
World” who is going to blow your mind with his multiple talents, comedic personality, and his insights in
dining and traveling activities.

Hanbing is a young Thai guy with a fan base in Thailand and China who loves everything about food and
travel. He is also fascinated about history, whether it be food history, ancient history, historical landmarks or
historical figures. This young PhD. student pays every little detail to anything that interests him. Make yourself
ready for an exclusive session with him and you will fall in love with this funny, yet intellectual guy.

Discover yourself in Hanbing’s style with our “Creative Tourism District” project on, a
platform where you’ll discover yourself through travel and dining activities. Coming in this November!

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