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Experience Local Lifestyle @Baan Bo Suak

Experience Local Lifestyle @Baan Bo Suak


Naan has more than just gorgeous temples to offer. Many interesting activities in Creative Tourism style are trending and attracting visitors to blend themselves among the locals. Learning how to make hand-made souvenirs using local wisdom is something you can’t find at a shopping mall. A long list of fun activities are waiting for you to join at “Ban Bor Suak”.

“Ban Bor Suak” is not far from Naan city center at all. It takes only about half an hour from Naan’s airport to reach this amazing village. Locals have set up a working group led by “Bor Suak community enterprise” to manage various interesting tourist-friendly activities. With its “Travel and Craft” style of activity, Ban Bor Suak has become a leading creative tourism spot in Thailand. Your one day at Ban Bor Suak will be filled with various educational activities which you can personally learn and do by yourself.

Fun and energetic exercise: Catching rice field crab

Some tourists may have tried rice growing and harvesting activities before, but this activity is surely not listed on any other ordinary itineraries. To catch a rice field crab, you must take off your boots and head to the muddy rice field. Don’t worry, this activity is closely supervised by a supporting coach. You’ll be safe and sound taking on this challenging and fun game.

Make your own handwoven fabric

You’ll not just stroll around, shop and observe the hand weaving process by the locals. At Ban Bor Suak, you’ll get to hand-weave the fabric by yourself! You’ll get to learn about the process of fabric weaving from scratch. From making the “cotton gin” to help separate fibre from seeds to dying colorful fibres, your very own hand-woven cloth is not too hard to make. The process is quite complicated and you’ll sure have fun learning!

Pottery Experience

If you’re a fan of artwork and handicraft, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, this Pottery workshop is perfect for you. Due to its high quality, red clay from Chiangmai is used for pottery at Ban Bor Suak. Be warned, you may get a bit dirty during the process. But keep in mind that this workshop is not easy, and focus is the key. You might end up with a weird shape of asymmetrical pottery, but you’ll be proud of your first handmade pottery for sure.


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