Exploring Organic Market at Or Tor Kor Market

5 Recommended Highlights from THAIGUIDE

1. Organic Japanese Melon from Chachoengsao Province

2. Domestic-grown Okinawan Sweet Potato

3. Scrumptious Durian from Phetchaburi Province

4. Ready-to-Eat Organic Rice Products

5. Sticky Rice and Its Gadgets

Today, THAIGUIDE will take you to the “Organic Market” event at Or Tor Kor Market, aka Marketing Organization for Farmers (M.O.F. Market) that gathers organic crops nationwide. The market is also accessible from Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station and taxi. Judging from what we see right now, “rice” acquires the biggest share in this event! The rice products range from milled rice, brown rice and processed rice from various brands. Organic fruits and vegetables hold the second biggest share in this event, followed by edible and non-food products that include, vermicompost or worm fertilizer!

THAIGUIDE would like to introduce these 5 highlights to you all!

1. Organic Japanese Melon from Chachoengsao Province : Being sold at 100 THB per kg, the organic Japanese melon is a must-buy product of this event. Moreover, the shop carries various types of melon that are even more affordable!

[ Melon Land Paed Rew : E-Mail: [email protected] | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/melonland.paedrew ]

2. Domestic-grown Okinawan Sweet Potato: Two types of sweet potatoes, Okinawa Sweet and Oriental White Sweet are being presented at the shop at 15 THB per 100 grams or 75 THB per kg. They also come as a ready-to-grow package that costs 35 THB each.

[ TS Sweetpotato : Line: sandee1234567 | Facebook: Wiwat sreekrasang | Tel: 095-6166821 (K.Tik) ]

3. Scrumptious Durian from Phetchaburi Province : This tasteful durians are directly sent from Pa La-U, Phetchaburi Province and they run out very fast. Cultivated banana from this province is famous as well.

[ COPOP Phetchaburi : Tel: 082-2928815 | Facebook: @copopphetchaburi ]

4. Ready-to-Eat Organic Rice Products : The products range from 7-color rice, sweets and drinks made from rice, but the most picked product of this shop is “sweeten sticky rice” that goes very well with ripe mango. The sticky rice here is packed and ready to be exported and these rice products are good up to 2 years without refrigeration! OMG…

[ Khao Hom Yang Yuen Tel: 081-8732005, 0818738006 |www.organichubthai.com ]

5. Sticky Rice and Its Gadgets : Thinking thoroughly about its customers, the shop sells Muay Sing, or rice steamer with its sticky rice products. The steamer is good for reheating dumplings and dim sum as well.

[ K.Siew Tel: 087-6864457 | Line : RicedeeRicedee ]

This flavorsome event is hosted on March 26 – April 9, 2017. Let’s exercise your tummy there!

Author : Ammy @chillwonpai | @ArmchairTravellerFanpage


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