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Get fashionably attired in complete Yao tribal costumes 

Get fashionably attired in complete Yao tribal costumes 

at Doi Silver Factory

The famous souvenir from Amphoe Pua in Naan province is none other than silverware from “Doi Silver Factory”. Not only you can choose wide selections of silverware here, but you can also try dressing up as a tribal villager and take photo as a memento. The Doi Silver Factory is in Amphoe Pua with easy access, so visiting here is easy. All the tourists can’t miss this place.

More than 30 years of specialty

Doi Silver Factory was established by the “Rungrachatawanich” family, the Yao ethnic minority from China. The family’s been producing and selling silverware for 30 years. The ancestors of this family started their small business by creating and selling silverware among villagers. Years after years, the tradition has been passed on to their tribal descendants. Today, the giant and famous Doi Silver factory, the product of family specialty, is selling silverware domestically and internationally.

“Silverware” – a household exquisiteness

The Thai hilltribe villagers love to wear silver jewelry. The jewelries are to be worn throughout their lives. The long-tradition that has been passed on from their hilltribe ancestors makes the Doi Silver family the specialists in silverware.

Become the Mien (or the Yao) for a day

Visiting Doi Silver Factory not only offers you an opportunity to shop for souvenirs, but you can also experience a memorable and fun activity like dressing up with a complete Yao hilltribe costumes and jewelries!

The full Yao hilltribe costumes are worn only at weddings or by the rich tribal villagers. You’ll have fun posing with this traditional, yet groovy, costumes that can’t be found anywhere else. The staff can also give you knowledge about the silverware. This is a fun activity that you will get to experience the tribal villagers’ way of life in a short period of time.

My own hand-made silverware 

“Collect silver stars at Doi Silver”. You can try forging a silver plate in a star-shaped pendant by yourself. The Silversmiths here will closely give you instructions and techniques. You can use your creative imagination and make your own silver pendant. This activity is quite straightforward and can be done by both children and adults.

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