Great dining experience with Celebrity Chef Yooah 

Great dining experience with Celebrity Chef Yooah 

Escape from Friday night Bangkok traffic in satorn …. enjoy Korean – Thai fusion recommended by Michelin guide Korea dinner

Won’t you bored of Bangkok traffic in satorn on friday night ? Isn’t in easier to just enjoy some nice dinner instead? Left your car at work and join our dinner by Korean celebrity chef ‘ Kim Yooah ‘  from Korea who own ‘ Bua Restaurant’ guaranteed by a BIB Gourmand reward in Korea Michelin Guide Book. Only available for limited seats so don’t miss this lovely chance!

• 5  courses Korean -Thai fusion menu

• Jacob Creek Wine paring

• Live band & Entertainment

Venue : Checkmate Restaurant, Empire Tower Sathorn ( BTS chongnonsri )

Date : Friday 2nd February, 2018 at 18.30-20.30

Price :   1690 Baht.-

Getting to knows the chefs

Chef Kim Yooah found her passion about Thai Food in Korea because of Thai cooking method and Thai ingredients are charming so she dedicate herself in to Thai cuisine. Actually it’s not easy to find Thai Ingredients. Most of them are either frozen or not fresh and very expensive indeed. So she develop her menu in to fusion style by using Korean ingredients but cooking in Thai style technique which it’s turn to to be a stunning Thai authentic fusion food.

2013 : BUA Restaurant in Korea / Owner Chef
2016 : 12 NangNang Rustic Thai in Korea / Owner Chef
2017 : Michelin guide (Korea) BUA ‘Bip Gourmand’

2017 : BUA Hyundai ‘department store branch (Korea)

2017 : ThaiGuide Chef

What you will find in the courses menu


soda Yuzu & Jeju mandarin chip

Yam X Home-made pressed pork legs

1day cooked pork legs( pressed traditional Korean pork hem)

With Thai Yam sauce

NamPhrik x Kim Rolles 

KamTae(high quality of dried sea trumpet roll

With home-made namphriks)

Kuay jab X Rice cake

Thai Kuay Jab soup with Korean Flat rice cake

With coriander oil


Marinaded korean style Pork(galbi)

Mixed with Home-made namphrik pao

With ginko, jujube, kingdong

 Nok Kka Tta(rama5 bird dish with korean way to

Cook bird/jinsaeng ,jujube, chestnut)

With home made pickled Ginger

+100 bat (limited)

Kanom jeen X Gochujang(Mixed noodle)

Spicy Korean namprok pao with clam meats

With thai kanom jeem


Schizandra Berry(OMIJA) Ice flakes

With tapiocabll

Petit Four

Pressed Black sesame

Pumpkin x Sweet potato


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