How to Pour The Perfect Beer

How to Pour The Perfect Beer

Ever wondered why the same beer tastes amazing one day and not so good the next? Well, it could be the way it’s been poured. There’s an art to pouring the the perfect pint, whether it’s from a tap, a bottle or a can. We are going to show you how you can enjoy the perfect beer every time.

From a tap

Make sure your glass is rinsed, clean and dry. Hold it at an angle of 45 degrees a few inches under the spout of the tap, logo facing down. Turn the tap fully on and allow the glass to start to fill, striking the centre of the middle of the face of the glass. Move the glass slightly to the left or right (depending on whether you’re right or left handed) to allow the beer to swirl around as it pours in. As the glass starts to fill straighten it and turn off the tap, allowing the foam to flow over the top of the glass. Use a skimmer to remove the excess head, pushing the foam away in the same direction as it is already flowing from the glass. Place the beer on a cloth to catch any foam and clean the base of the glass

Attach a ‘drip catcher’ to the base of the glass. Present the beer to the customer or friend, on a beer mat, a cheeky grin and a “Your Lager, sir/madam”

From a bottle:

Hold the glass tilted to a 45 degree angle. Stick the tip of the bottle into the glass. Pour the beer relatively quickly, and in a fast and steady stream down the side of the glass.Start straightening the glass when it’s about two thirds full to create a nice head of foam.Let the foam settle for a few seconds.

From a can

Make sure that the beer temperature is 6–8 °C. Use a clean pilsner or footed glass. Make sure that the glass is clean and dry. Hold the glass at a 45-degree angle. When a little over two-thirds of the glass is full, turn it upright so that a 2–3 cm head develops on the beer. Serve the beer quickly before the head goes down. Place a coaster under the glass when serving

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