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We have come to our final episode of FAM Trip: the Gateway to Eastern Lanna with ThaiGuide and Chiangrai provincial Tourism and Sports Bureau. After a long week of hard work, let’s take a break to enjoy life and serenity in Chiangrai. This part of the trip is all about nature and philosophy of life, where you can unwind your mind. Excited already? Let’s start the trip!


Start a new day with Chiangrai’s most iconic view point at PRA THAT DOI KAO KWAI standing on top of the mountain in the heart of the city. Blessed with this high altitude, a panoramic view of Chiangrai city can be observed.

CHOUI FONG Tea Plantation

Once arrive at Choui Fong tea plantation, you will get to stay close to the lush green tea gardens and appreciate its natural charm. Several spots across the plantation are worth your photo snap. A café zone selling tea, coffee and cakes is perfect for you to sit back and relax. There are also lots of souvenirs for you to choose for your loved ones.


THAM SAO HIN PHAYANAK in Maesai is surrounded by true nature. In the past, getting to the cave in the middle of a reservoir is not very convenient as it required walking on unstable wooden jetty. Nowadays, a concrete bridge connects the land to THAM SAO HIN PHAYANAK. While walking on the bridge, don’t forget to stop by for photo snap, and some fish feeding. Make sure you look for a herd of catfish and other golden fish in the water.  


If you think of one of Chiangrai’s most famous tourist attractions, you can’t miss WAT RONG KHUN. This white temple is very popular among local and international tourists, especially Chinese visitors. The white chapel sparkles during the day as hundreds of thousands of tiny pieces of mirrors reflect the sunlight. This exotic beauty and its own charm make you want to revisit again and again.


Chiangrai’s charm at night is as astonishing as in its daytime. The beauty of the city shines as soon as the sun leaves the horizon. All those sacred temples start to shine bright under the starlight and moonlight.    

And once you arrive at WAT HAUY PLA KANG, the origin of the largest Guan Yin image, you will realize that the dark sky only makes Chiangrai’s skyline even more mesmerizing. The gigantic 79-meter-tall white Guan Yin image and the gold light shining from the 9-storied golden pagoda is super picturesque. Especially, if you visit this temple when there is an overcast sky, you will get to witness the pagoda being surrounded by fog making it appear as if the pagoda is floating on a carpet of clouds – illustrating a sight of heaven.

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