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Gateway to Lanna. Episode 1: One day trip in Payao.

THAIGUIDE is still in Phayao. Sponsored by Chiangrai provincial Tourism and Sports Bureau. We will take you to the eastern Lanna region.


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To get away from the capital city, we took a flight from Don Muang International Airport to Chiangrai. On our way to Naan province, we make our first stop in Payao province, where Huay Pha Kaeng Temple is located. The temple houses a range of sandstone Buddha sculptures individually carved on the cliff of the mountain.


The statue was carved from sandstone on the cliff by the famous sculptor in Phayao province.


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Make another stop for lunch at Tauy-Ka-Kai and View Lover

Tauy-Ka-Kai is a chicken bowl, a classic china pattern for Thai locals.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy, not only the local food, but also bakery and coffee shop zone. We suggest sitting in the outdoor zone next to the river. Sipping coffee in the afternoon along the riverfront (Kwan Phayao), you’ll surely be blown away by the nature’s charm.

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A boat trip to Wat Ti Lok A-ram

You have to take a seat on a paddling boat to visit this ancient temple, at least 500 years old.

The irrigation project in 1939 inundated the temple.

The temple was later restored and Sila Buddha  was respectfully engaged to sit on the island, in the middle of Kwan Payao.


Transportation: take a Paddling boat at Sala pier, hats and life vests are available.

Remarks: Only paddling boats are allowed since motor boats may cause constructional damage to the temple.



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