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Learning every period of history at Rangsri Kasem building

Learning every period of history at Rangsri Kasem building

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Let’s learn more about Naan’s history at Rangsri Kasem, a building with western colonial architecture. The long story of this beautiful place will take you back to the past 100 years. Plus, many cool spots at Rangsri Kasem building are just perfect for a photo snap.

Highlights of the trip

– A 102-year-old building with western colonial architecture

– Enjoy historical photos of Naan

– Take photos at beautiful spots

Learning Every Period of History at Rangsri Kasem Building

Another fascinating place in Muang district, Naan province is Rangsri Kasem building, a colonial architecture of more than a 100 years old. With its rich history, the building can tell details of Naan’s old days. Visiting Rangsri Kasem building before going to other places in Naan will help you gain some insights of this charming province. A new dimension of traveling experience is guaranteed.

More than a School, It’s Actually a Museum

This building used to be part of a school. The classroom section has been renovated and the main building has been preserved to display original interior. Another part of the building was turned into a museum exhibiting household utensils of Naan people and missionaries in the past centuries including old photographs of Naan.        The surroundings of this beautiful architecture are perfect for photography. You’ll have fun posting with the old building as if you could go 100 years into the past.

A 102-year-old Building with Rich and Vivid History

The construction of Rangsri Kasem building was completed in 1915 with a Georgian architecture in a European style. The building was part of “Naan Christian School” founded by early westerners. Back in 1904, the school was just a small teaching place at a house of Dr. Samuel C Peoples, MD. and his wife. Later, Dr.Huge Taylor and his family, who had moved from Lampang province to work as missionaries in Naan province, finally built a permanent building to serve as a school with donations from his friends.

Once at Rangsri Kasem and You’re Set 

To truly get to know the history of one place normally takes quite some time. However, if you want to understand the in-depth history of Naan, you can just visit this building and learn all the history of Naan in a couple of hours. There is even a saying “Visiting Naan 10 times doesn’t give you as much insights as visiting Rangsri Kasem building once” as you will be given knowledge about this place personally by professor Ton and his student volunteers.

The Future that will Bring You to the Past through the Aesthetics of Art

In the near future, there will be a café and a movie room displaying “elephant movie”, the first movie in Thailand that was filmed in Naan. You’ll have fun learning about the old days while sipping a cup of coffee in a relaxing atmosphere. This future project will surely revive this old building. For those who love photography and history, you can’t miss this place.


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“More Journey, More Passion, More Fun!”

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