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“More than just travel” Trip @ Manee Pruek

“More than just travel” Trip @ Manee Pruek:
Roaming and Learning in Hmong Village, Knife making lesson, drinking coffee amidst beautiful scenery, Observing roasting process of coffee beans

This season is perfect for you to head north and travel in Naan. Let’s join ThaiGuide and Mommy Ta’s family @ “Travel Makes Us Humble” to Manee Pruek Village. Have fun with many cool activities such as observing roasting process of coffee beans, sipping a cup of coffee at Doi Pha Phung, the largest coffee farm in Thailand, enjoying knife-making lesson with the locals, and visiting Hmong Village. This trip itinerary guarantees that you’ll have an amazing time roaming and learning!

Highlight of this trip:

Sipping a cup of coffee at Doi Pha Phung and watching the sunrise
Observing roasting process of various kinds of coffee beans
Knife-making lesson with local Thai blacksmith
Visiting Hmong village, Observing fabric embroidery by the locals and learning about local community’s way of life

At first glance, Naan, a small and quite province in Thailand, may not seem so exciting. But, this charming province is filled with beautiful nature and wonderful hidden spots. We’ll take a little adventure trip through slippery mud road up to Manee Pruek village to find Thailand’s best coffee beans. Not only will you get to sip a cup of the best coffee, but you’ll also be stunned and energized by the 360-degree sea of clouds.


Geisha coffee beans, the ultimate taste for coffee lovers

As the best and the largest site of coffee farm in Thailand, we can’t miss sipping a cup of coffee and be blown away by amazing scenery at Manee Pruek village. Firstly, we observe the coffee roasting process, then we get to taste a cup of coffee amidst the amazing atmosphere. The taste of coffee and beautiful nature make us want to linger here all day.
Talking about coffee, Geisha coffee beans is regarded as the best coffee beans in the world. If you’re a coffee lover, you have to taste Geisha for once in your life. And to make this trip even more magical, we recommend waking up early to sip your cup of coffee and watch the sunrise over a sea of clouds at the top of Doi Pha Phung.

Geisha coffee beans

Geisha, one of the best specialty coffee, gives extraordinary taste and aroma. The complex and aromatic flavor from Geisha may range from berry, mango, pineapple, papaya and tangerine. A cup of Geisha coffee can simply give you delicious fruit sensation and intricate aroma. No wonder, Geisha continues to dominate among the best coffee at countless coffee tasting competitions around the world.

Learn about Hmong villagers’ way of living in Naan:
Grow cabbage, learn how to play local musical instrument,
and make knives

Once arrive in Naan, the center of cultural heritage, we should immerse ourselves with charming traditions, culture and villagers’ way of life.

Fun and educational activities including Hmong’s embroidery techniques, cabbage growing tradition, and knife-making skills using a car’s leaf spring as a main tool are exceptional and rarely found in other parts of Thailand. Especially, the knife making process, which is highly recommended by “Mommy Ta”. If you have kids, let them learn how to play a folk instrument such as “Pi”, a musical instrument of Luo villagers made from bamboo shafts. Your kids will enjoy Pi’s amazingly clear and resonant sound.

Manee Pruek Village’s Industrial Crops

Geisha coffee beans, Szetchwan pepper, Wild Himalayan Cherry, Avocado, Corn, Cabbage, Wild banana and Macadamia.

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