Must try !! 7 Tasty from Bluefin Tuna.

Must try !! 7 Tasty from Bluefin Tuna.

7 Tasty from 7 Parts of BLUEFIN TUNA or HON MAGURO japan. The Giant Tuna knowned as the best , the most delicious and one of the most expensive fish! ThaiGuide confirms that you must try once in a life time !

1.AGO : tuna meat below the chin of the giant tuna. It is best for grill with a light salt. This is a must and a rare menu. We can serve only 2 pieces from a giant tuna. Yum!

2.KAMA : Select from a tuna’s chin near its cheek. It is good with a grill. This menu is rare, expensive and melt in your mouth.

3.ENGAWA : It is located on the top fin of the tuna’s back. It is good when marinated in the sauce and grill. You will enjoy its softness and tender. A must for you!

4. AKAMI : Thos is tuna’s red meat without fat. It is best as sashimi.

5.SHUTORO : A meat from tuna’s sides. It is best as steak and sashimi.

6. OTORO : This is the hi-light! Tuna Belly is where red meat and fat meets. You will test the sweetness , softness and tenderness of tuna at the same time! There is no doubt why it is the most expensive part of all! The unique test and the most delicious make this part the most popular even the price.

7.NAKAOCHI : This is tuna’s prime ribs! It is so soft and best as sashimi.

Special thanks: Sushi Hiro and Central Plaza Bangna

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