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ONE DAY TRIP : 5 Dining/Exploring Spots in Ayutthaya

ONE DAY TRIP : 5 Dining/Exploring Spots in Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya, an old capital city of Thailand, offers you a sense of Thainess and exotic experiences. Today, ThaiGuide would like to introduce the city by guiding you to visit our ancient temples and ruins, and meet our national creature, Elephants, at Chang Phaniat Luang Village. For dining, the trip takes you to international lunch buffet and dim sum for dinner.

1 Day Trip : Ayutthaya

Good Morning, Elephants: chang Phaniat Luang Village is a historic tourist attraction where tourists can experience nature and talents of Thai elephants. This village is not a zoo but it is one of Thailand’s finest elephant sanctuaries. As well, the village is under the Royal Project and its trainers select and train the elephant accordingly to ancient elephant training knowledge just like how Thais trained them for combats in the past. The village opens to domestic and international tourists to visit and learn how to treat and train elephants.

Lunch: International buffet at California Steak Restaurant at Kantary Hotel Ayutthaya

Wat Phra Sri Sanphet: Explore Thailand’s history, kings and ancient Thais’ lifestyles during Ayutthaya period. The temple leads you to Phra Chao U-thong’s dynasty where its architecture is well-known for triple round-shaped pagoda and Lanka pagoda. Moreover, before labeled into the palace’s temple, the temple used to be a part of the royal palace, used for performing royal ceremonies and storing kings’ ashes.

Sunset at Wat Maheyong: Wat Maheyong acquires the biggest chapel in Ayutthaya, known for its pagoda that surrounded by elephant-sculptures. This is a time-worthy visit as the temple has unique viewpoints and you can also use “queens’ walkway” located in front of the temple. (In the past, the walkway was prohibited for commoners.)

Farewell Dinner: Tasting dim sum at Tapestry Chinese Room at Classic Cameo Hotel Ayutthaya.

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Author and Video produced by ชิลวนไป by แพนด้าบวมน้ำ


Sponsored by Cape & Kantary Hotels 0-3521 2535 |, Ayutthaya and elephant knowledge provided by Ittipan Kharwlamai


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