Simmer Huang : Simmer Pot Experience

Simmer Huang : Simmer Pot Experience

Mala sauce is trending right now. Wherever you go, you’ll get to see restaurants with Mala concept, a spicy and numbing sauce. Today, THAIGUIDE will introduce a super delicious and famous Mala Simmer Pot restaurant, Huang Ji Huang or Simmer Huang. A renowned franchise from China has come to Thailand. Let’s find out how tasty it is.


Huang Ji Huang or Simmer Huang is a healthy simmer pot restaurant with rave reviews in China with over 600 branches throughout the country. Good news is you don’t have to fly to China to enjoy Simmer Huang. Its new branch has just opened at The Street, Ratchada.

Mala simmer pot was originated from Royal kitchens during Qing dynasty. Later, this menu became popular among ordinary people and so the recipe was adapted to suit the mainstream population, hence the current version of Mala simmer pot.

Simmer Pot at Simmer Huang has 3 different sauces: Mala, Seafood and soy sauce. The Mala sauce is the specialty and most popular sauce made from a certain kind of pepper which gives numbness to the tongue. When mala sauce is combined with fresh vegetables and high quality meats, the taste can be marvelous. Vegetables here are specially cut to allow mala sauce to fully soak when simmered. So, there’s no need to add any seasoning! If you are a meat lover, Simmer Huang offers a wide range of meat including lamb, pork and, even the popular one, “frog”

How to enjoy Simmer Pot

-add oil

-add 10 kinds of healthy and fresh vegetables

-order up to 4-6 kinds of meat. (the minimum is 4 to allow the right proportion between meat and sauce)

-add spices

-when you’re done with the meat, you can add soup and vegetables to turn simmer pot to hot pot! Enjoying this hot pot with Chinese steamed bun (mantou) is a great combination.

Don’t forget to try freshly prepared and handmade noodles with hot pot. The chef will demonstrate how to make noodles right at your table. It’s both tasty and fun to order this menu. The mala soup will complement the taste of the noodles.

Note:  The simmer pot comes in 2 different sizes: small for 2 and large for 4-6 diners. If you plan to enjoy both simmer pot and hot pot, you must order the large size only.

Hungry already? Just head to The Street, Ratchada and try it for yourself. You can take MRT or drive there. Parking is available. Couldn’t be more convenient!
Location: 4th floor, The Street Ratchada
Facebook : Simmer Huang – The Street Bangkok
Tel: 0-2121-1898
Hours: 11:00- 22:00

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