Songkran survival guide

SongKran survival guide
Needed items vs Do – Don’t

SongKran’s day is coming! One of the favourite festival that draw all traveller come to visit Thailand in every April. Throwing water in SongKran is a must thing to do. But are you ready for it? do you know what to wear? check it out here for the best songkran survival guide, A guide to play have fun in SongKran’s day, protect yourself and no harm to other people.

Waterproof Plastic Bag
Protect valued stuff ex. smartphone and money

protect your skin from whole day walking in the sun

Water Gun
your weapon choice can be anything! water gun / bucket of water

Flower Pattern shirt
Can be any easy to dry clothes but flower shirt will get along with the theme

protect your eyes from water and mostly from power

easy to dry and more comfortable to walk

Prepare extra clothes in your car
Be careful when play beside road
Respect other people
wear helmet for motorcycle

Throw water at elder or monk
Drink & Play
Shot water at face
Put power around eyes
wear sexy outfit

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