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Thaiguide Trip: 3 Days 3 Styles: Slowly, Admiringly and Stylishly at Nan


Thaiguide Trip: 3 Days 3 Styles: Slowly, Admiringly and Stylishly
8 highlight activities in NanTrip

Our highlight activities will take you to enjoy Naan, the peaceful yet charming and colorful province, in 3 days. Naan is opening its door to welcome tourists to come and experience a new style of travel. You will not only enjoy the beauty of Naan with your own eyes, but also feel blissful with its way of living according to Buddhist teachings.

Our creative tourism project will take you to become part of Naan community. You will get a hands-on experience making creative works, discover new perspectives from learning-by- doing and get a chance to give back to the community.

Give and Take with a Loving Heart
1. Slow Life in Wiang sa
Make merit and view a 3-layer carved door at Boon Yuen Temple. Also visit boat museum, a central place for a collection of history of Wiang Sa district in Naan province.
2. Walking in the morning market, Tang Jit Nu Son Market Blend in with Naan by living like locals. Walking in the morning market is their favorite activity and something tourist shouldn’t miss.

3. Making Lanna ceremonial flag called “Tung Ka King” and make merit. “Tung Ka King” is used for decoration in ceremonies. It is believed that the length of “Tung Ka King” must be the same with the height of the person donating the flag and it is best to donate the flag by oneself. This is not-to-be-missed activity.
4. Learning to write Lanna fonts. To deeply appreciate Lanna culture, you should not miss learning the Lanna language. By taking only a short time, you can learn how to write your name or your loved ones in Lanna language. That will definitely make your day.

5. Making beautiful lanterns called “Kom Ma Tao” and making candles at Sri Bun Rueng Temple. You’ll get to make merit and learn more about Naan culture by making your very own Naan -style lantern. After finishing off your handmade
lantern, move on to make candles and donate to the temple.
6. Shopping and eating on walking street. Naan trip will not be complete without shopping and eating on walking
street. Here, you’ll get to taste delicious food at cheap prices. Recommended dishes are Fried chicken with Thai herb called Ma-Kwaen, crispy Roti roll, herbal water in bamboo cups and Kanom Krok (Thai coconut pudding). The main communal dining area, “Kuang Muang”, in front of the Temple is open for everyone to sit and enjoy the food.
7. Riding on a traditional tricycle around the city. A good way to get some fresh air is riding on a traditional 3 wheeler to
enjoy the city and visit temples in Muang district. Hop on and Hop off at any spot you wish at your own pace.
8. Making yourself a cup of coffee Let’s switch from being a coffee drinker to a barista. You can make your own drip coffee at Coffee De Hmong in Risasinee Spa and Resort. Get to know a famous coffee plant species of Naan called “Geisha”
which used to be planted exclusively in Columbia, but now you can enjoy this special coffee locally in Naan province.

These 8 highlight activities are just a warm-up to tease you to fall in love with Naan. Next week, you’ll get to discover the whole 3-day trip in Naan with complete reviews packed with detailed information. Leisurely, smoothly and stylishly enjoy Naan with our Creative Tourism Project: 3 styles in 3 days. Just follow us on “ThaiGuide”.

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