The charm of Thai desserts at Khaosan Road Sane Cafe Workshop & Studio

The charm of Thai desserts at Khaosan Road Sane Cafe Workshop & Studio

Packed with international tourists and bustling nightlife, can you spot this little traditional Thai dessert shop in the middle of Khaosan Road?


Sane (pronounced as “Sa-ne”) Cafe Workshop & Studio, translated as “charm” in Thai, is eye-catching with its ocean blue banner with wavering Thai fonts. This place offers drinks and desserts for café lovers. But if you’re in for a little hands-on culinary activity, feel free to participate in a Thai dessert workshop to learn more about the delicate process of Thai dessert preparation.

Don’t miss the café’s signature food and drinks;

Pino Coco: surprisingly complementing taste from mixture of coconut and pineapple juice.

Coco x Cocoa: coconut juice with cocoa. Full-flavored taste.

Highlight workshop: the making of “SaneJan – TongEak”. The best-selling menu at the café.

This café is owned by 3 partners. We got to meet 2 of them during our visit, khun Noon Thanchita Atthakornkowit and khun Golf Kritsada Intharah, who were definitely the most patient instructors teaching us how to make these extremely delicate Thai desserts,  given our zero experience in the field. Well, maybe we will crash them again next time to meet the other partner, khun looktor Supreda Dhanusuwansak.

★* *★ .•°•★* *★ .•°•★* *★ .•°•★* *★ .•

Remarks : The workshop needs advance booking / workshop fees depend on the dessert menu /minimum 5 people per class.

Facebook/IG : sane.workshop
Tel: 063-5414964

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