The Secret Picnic “Le Dîner en Blanc” Arrives in Bangkok, 2017

The Secret Picnic “Le Dîner en Blanc”

Arrives in Bangkok, 2017

The 1st time ever in Thailand!

…….You know what Thai peoples love? Secrets, Pop-ups, Elegance, mystery, beauty, good taste and moment. Bangkok will soon become one of city to host a Diner en Blanc, 25 years after the idea debuted in Paris, the 1st time ever in Thailand !

“Diner en Blanc” is kind of a mystery: Hundreds of people have dinner together at an outdoor location somewhere in Bangkok., which is kept secret until hours before the event. Each participant must bring his or her own (white) table, (white) tablecloths, (white) chairs and (multicolored, we hope) meals. Most importantly, everyone’s clothing must be all white.No exceptions.

The secret affair promises another unforgettable evening of elegance, beauty, and magic as it takes over an iconic location for a memorable evening in the city.

Before you go searching for an outfit that adequately showcases your “love of beauty and good taste,” you have to get on the list: Only those who have attended a Diner en Blanc in another city, or those who receive an invitation code from a former attendee, will be invited. All others must register for a waiting list, from which an unidentified number of non-members will be invited. To be considered, by Nov 15

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