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Top 3 Royal Project you can’t miss 

Top 3 Royal Project you can’t miss 

A place where you can never get bored with…
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Let’s visit the Royal Projects, the projects initiated by the late King Rama9, also known as the “King’s Projects”, which aim at helping villagers and people in the community to happily earn a living without forest intrusion. We are taking you to 3 Royal Projects you cannot miss.

The Royal Agricultural Station : Angkhang

One of the most famous Royal Projects which used to be an opium plantation that was turned into Thailand’s winter crop plantation.

The Royal Agricultural Station : Angkhang is a large agricultural ground which is known for its highlight of winter plantation such as  Wild Himalayan Cherry, also widely known as the Thai cherry blossoms, which are in full bloom during winter. The winter plantation also includes other winter flowers which can only be found in the northern Thailand.

Location: Ang Khang Royal Agricultural Station, Fang District, Chiang Mai

Tel: 053-969-476-78 ต่อ 114

The Royal Agricultural Station : Inthanon

It was King Rama9’s initiative to eliminate opium growing and to encourage hill tribe people to grow other crops. The Project conducts research on flowers, ornamental plants, vegetables and fruits which later effectively generate income for hill tribe farmers in the villages surrounding the station.

Another highlight at Inthanon is The Great Holy Relics Pagoda Nabhapolbhumisiri which is strategically located on the top of the mountain. Moreover, Doi Inthanon is also a breeding ground of Siberian sturgeon, producers of the well-known and expensive black caviar which, amazingly, can be produced locally. And if we’re lucky, we might get a chance to catch one with our own hands. This activity is, however, strictly allowed to group travelers with permission, of course.

The Royal Agricultural Station : Inthanon is also famous for its cuisine which only uses fresh ingredients from the Project such as bell peppers, pansies or green oak. The must-try menu is pork leg stew with steamed bun…. Yummy!!

Location: The Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon, Chom Thong District, Chiang Mai

Tel: 053-286-777

The Royal Agricultural Station : Teen Tok

This up-and-coming project was originated by the personal funds of the late King Rama9. The land was developed to be shiitake and coffee plantation for villagers. Accommodation is also provided for visitors to stay and enjoy its natural beauty beside the creek.

While staying at Teen Tok, do not forget to make a stop at Mae Kampong Village to witness an ancient community and its brown wooden architecture as well as the locals’ preserved way of life. This is truly a get-away destination for those looking for tranquility with a chance to learn about the agricultural wisdom and legacy left to us by our Great King Rama9.

Location: Teen Tok Royal Project Development Center, Mae On District, Chiang Mai

Tel: 053-318-316

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