Top 8 travel trends in 2018

Top 8 travel trends in 2018

Virtual Reality

Gone are the days when travelers searched for travel information from guidebooks. Until recently, we have been relying on the internet for any research on travel. But, in 2018, virtual reality will play a big role in providing travelers an immersive experience. Virtual Reality will give travelers a pre-arrival experience and seamlessly give all the details of the destinations. Travelers will feel at ease and even more confident making a travel decision such as hotel booking, because they know exactly what they will get.

Travel Bucket List

In 2018, working hard is no longer a path to success in life. It’s rather the work-life balance. 85% of travelers who have a travel bucket list in mind plan to go to at least one of the places on their list in 2018. Most of them would like to visit one of the wonders of the world once in their lives. What about you? Have you made your travel bucket list yet?

Taking a Trip down Memory Lane

34% of travelers would like to revisit their favorite childhood places. The nostalgic trip will bring back happy memories. Ever wonder what it would be like when you get to return to where you once used to play around and had fun?

Pop culture destination

39% of travelers follow recommendations from bloggers or YouTubers. With their interesting ways of storytelling and a bunch of amazing photos/videos, it is no wonder why travelers can be easily influenced. Moreover, 36% of travelers would like to visit TV Series/movie locations. Korea is a great example of a country benefiting greatly from entertainment tourism.

Wellness Tourism

Exercising and taking care of our bodies are still trending. People started to recognize the importance of diet and exercise. 59% of travelers choose to embrace experiences like cycling and spa retreat in their trips. What would be better than relaxing and getting good health at the same time, right?

Money-savvy Travelers

When it comes to travel, being too frugal during the trip can take away fun and great experiences. However, excessively splurging on travel can bring you heavy debts. And that won’t be a good experience. So, money planning plays a key role in travel. Good news is 47% of travelers check currency exchange rates and factors in economic condition of the destination before making the travel decision. This can help save a lot of money.

Fun with Friends

Have no boyfriend or girlfriend? No problem! This 2018 travel trend of traveling with friends is the answer. Travelers choosing to travel with a group of friends has risen from 21% to 25%. This makes sense because when travel with mates, we’ll usually get fun and memorable experiences. It’s time to delete #lonely2017 and use the new #funwithfriends2018


Traveling in 2018 is all about localizing. To truly appreciate the culture, you have to immerse yourself with the locals. 25% of travelers consider having a host with local knowledge as a very important aspect. Internet can give you general information, but for local knowledge about food and places to visit, you’d somehow better believe what locals have to say!

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