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Travel leisurely in villages at Nam Muap, a heaven in Naan province Enjoy the rice paddy along a green journey

Naan trip at Nam Muap with Delicious Pin.

Travel leisurely in villages at Nam Muap, a heaven in Naan province

Enjoy the rice paddy along a green journey

Let’s follow the steps of Na Kom, “Delicious Pin” writer, to leisurely travel in Naan and experience villagers’ way of lives. Spend one day slowly by breathing in fresh air and do fun activities with Creative Tourism theme at Nam Muap, a heaven for all nature lovers. The land of great view, fresh air, and delicious food. Another must-visit place.

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Highlights of the Trip:

  1. Pay respect to the Chaopo Chang Nga Dang, the holy site of Nam Muap village.
  2. Cook the local food such as northern-style Pork Larb, the northern Thai sauce called “Nam Poo”, Khao Lam in bamboo sections from Luang Prabang mountains, and the famous “unstoppable” banana chips.
  3. Nam Muap Temple: Make herbal balm, get a relaxing massage by locals.
  4. Pay respect to Phra That Dan Tong Thai blessing ceremony, listen to the traditional northern Thai music.
  5. Take a selfie with Nam Muap view under the shadow of Luang Prabang mountains.

 Travel leisurely in Naan…in between the late rainy season and the early winter season, if you would like to go to a peaceful place offering fresh air and great nature, Naan is probably top of the list of many travelers. The slow way of lives of Naan locals, views of rice paddies surrounded by beautiful scenery of mountains and fresh air await you. After landing at Naan airport, just head to “Baan Nam Muap” in Tambon Nam Muap, Amphoe Wiangsa, a lot of interesting stuff are waiting for you to discover!

Get a good lucky start with paying respect to Chaopo Chang Nga Dang

Once arrive in Naan, let’s get a good lucky start by paying respect to Chaopo Chang Nga Dang, an ancient shrine established hundreds years ago. This shrine is respected by Naan locals and locals from nearby provinces for the luck and fortunes. The local villagers set up staff teams working on a shift work to service visitors and provide advice on how to pay respect and pray correctly. White flowers, bananas, sugar canes, and pig head (money) are among things people offer to Chaopo Chang Nga Dang.

Nam Muap view, Auntie Yong’s Toob Na, cook local foods

After paying respect Chaopo Chang Nga Dang, let’s head on to a heaven of nature lovers at Nam Muap View homestay and Toob Na (translated as “the hut in the field”) also known by the locals as “Baan Pa Yong”. This homestay is managed and closely serviced by Auntie Yong, Satapond Intakuen, who also owns the famous and tasty northern Thai sauce brand called “Mae Satapond Nam Poo”

Before cooking our very own “Nam Poo” (crab paste), just take a moment to fully appreciate the beautiful lush scenery of Toob Na. Just standing in the midst of charming green nature, you will feel as if you’re in heaven. It’s the experience you can only feel for yourself.

After chilling out with magnificent view, the locals take us to cook Larb (Thai spicy Salad with minced meat) on the paddy-field ridge. The Larb recipe of Nam Muap locals is a northern-style larb which is locally called “Larb Moo Mee”. This “Larb Moo Mee” is special because they use “mullilam” as a main seasoning ingredient to spice up the dish. Pig blood curd, fried pig entrails, and minced pork tenderloin are main ingredients of this Larb Moo Mee recipe. If you don’t like raw food, you can stir fry this dish for a bit. The proper way to enjoy like locals is to eat with various kinds of vegetables. I have to admit I haven’t seen some of these vegetables in my whole life such as “Pak Kard Kew” which tastes like wasabi, hairy basil and “Bai Ya Nang”. It is considered that your visit at Nam Muap is not complete unless you taste their local dish.

Other menus at “Toob Na Pa Yong”: Tarul curry, Bamboo shoot spicy salad and Nam Poo (crab paste)

Nam poo is a highlight menu of Toob Na. Besides rice planting and fish farming, Auntie Yong also has her signature “Nam Poo” for sale. You will get an opportunity to learn how to make “Nam Poo” and know the secret techniques directly from Auntie Yong.

After enjoying the main course, let’s move on to the sweets route and try cooking Khao Lam in bamboo sections. The secret recipe that will be taught by Auntie Tae and Uncle Prasert.

Making the famous “unstoppable” banana chips: transforming cheap local cultivated bananas (7-8 baht per hand) into tasty Banana chips sold at 100 baht per kilogram.

 Get close to the locals: Make herbal balm and wicker handicraft at Ban Muap Temple

Besides being great cookers, Ban Muap locals have such a good team spirit that they team up to work on many kinds of handicrafts. This activity creates revenues and job opportunities for villagers. Nam Muap Temple is the center of this village and also the place where locals come to make wicker handicrafts, herbal balms and herbal balls and provide massage treatments.

 Phra That Dan Tong, a viewing spot and the center of Nam Muap villagers

Standing at Phra That Dan Tong, you can see both Laung Prabang mountain range in Laos and the beautiful view of Baan Nam Muap village in Thailand at the same time. Adding to the great view, you can participate in the northern Thai blessing ceremony led by Thai northern seniors called “Por Oui Mae Oui” (local dialect for “grandfather and grandmother). The ceremony will surely give you an impressive memory. Don’t forget to take a selfie shot with the signage “Here at Nam Muap”, a lovely place of Naan locals.

Finally, we made it to Nam Muap. This trip is filled with good memories. I’ll come back here again for sure.

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