Travel Makes Us Humble: Discover Yourself through Travel

Travel Makes Us Humble: Discover Yourself through Travel

Not just good memories and fun that you will get from travel, somehow you discover yourself through your journey. Let’s find a new perspective of yourself with our first blogger of “Travel Makes Us Humble”. This family-travel blogger will take you all around the world while offering parenting tips along the journey.

Pornticha Wongyannawa, a blogger and a loving mom who wants to spice up her life while raising her two energetic young boys through teaching them discipline, patience, social manners, respect and understanding for others along her fun family trips. This blog is perfect for all the moms with young kids who want to travel and, at the same time, train their children & help them learn something outside classroom. On top of that, Pornticha is also a food guru with culinary insights. So, if you are also a food-lover mom, you don’t have to find anywhere else. Your new favorite blog is right here, “Travel Makes Us Humble”

“Travel teaches you new cultures, respect for others’ differences, and self-recognition which will be conveyed to the children.”

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