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    Capital Fund:
    ฿ 1,200

    Cooking Local Cuisines @Nammuab, Heaven on Earth

    Trip: Cooking Local Cuisines @Nammuab, Heaven on Earth

    • Trip Designer: Delicious Pin, The Roaming Cook
    • Trip Overview: Getting to know northern-Thai people’s lifestyles through unique 1-day activities we provided only for you. You will love it!
      • Highlights of The Trip:
        • Paying respect to Chang Nga Deang Shrine, holy place for Nammuab people
        • Making local dessert from ‘Ma Tow’ or palm seed
        • Cooking class (local cuisine)
        • Lunch (3 menus you cooked)
        • Making ‘Khao Lam’ (Glutinous rice roasted in bamboo joints)
        • Making ‘Crab paste’, local recipe (can only be found in the Northern part of Thailand)
        • Making Banana snacks
        • Producing herbal balms, get a little bit of massage after a long day
        • Having dinner on top of the hills among Nammuab scenery. (With some local ritual and music playing along)
    • Travel Agency: Nammuab
    • Trip Style: 1day
    • Price: 1,200THB
    • Category: Creative Tourism District
    • Type of Payment: Voucher
    7-9 Hrs.
    Private Car | Public Transportation |
    Creative Tourism District

    Season you should visit:

    Winter(Mid Oct. - Mid Feb.)
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    Private Car | Public Transportation |
    Max Travelers
    Thai, English
  • Price Condition

    Two meals (Lunch and Dinner) are included in the package
    If there are less than 5 people booked, local ritual and music program will be cut.
    Transportation is available upon request
    Accommodation is NOT included
    Interpreter is available upon request (with friendly extra charge)
    Advance booking is a must (2 days in advance)
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      Delicious Pin

      Discover Your style through Travel : Delicious PinDrop a pin on where to eat, travel, and drink across ThailandThis episode is for food lovers who enjoy eating while traveling. Let’s follow the steps of the famous page, “Delicious pin: eat and drink with Na Kom”, a columnist and a writer who loves travel, photography, food, and art.Na Kom or “Kom Deepraseard” described that the name “Delicious Pin” was chosen because “when we travel and find nice places to eat, we usually drop a pin to remind ourselves of that place.” And with beautiful photos, he also gets to share the delicious story to his friends and people who share the same interest in food. As for the taste, it is always up to each person’s perception, so he will not be the judge of that. However, if he thinks that the place is worth sharing, he will drop a pin and share the stories for his friends to try.Besides traveling and enjoying delicious food along the way, this “Delicious Pin” writer is also good at creating new menu that will impress everyone. Na Kom is a true guru in food production and food agency. He said “through travel, we discover many new things, surroundings, memories, people, the charm of unique customs and culture. We get to learn different lifestyles and eating rituals, while cooking can portray the identity and style of each community. Beyond that, the way we cook also allows us to discover our true selves and styles, making us learn more about ourselves, question about ourselves, and find answers by ourselves.”If you love to travel and enjoy having delicious food along the way, you won’t be disappointed with “Delicious Pin”, a guide that will take you to eat, drink, and travel in Na Kom’s style while enjoying good promotions.