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    TIR Journey

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    Establishment: 03/04/2017

    67/55 ซ. แจ่มจันทร์ แขวง คลองตันเหนือ เขต วัฒนา กรุงเทพมหานคร 10110

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    ฿ 3,300

    Wetland & Fishery Village 1 day trip

    Wetland& Fishery Village 1 day trip

    Trip Design :  The Roaming Cook

    Trip Overview

    Seafood lovers should NOT miss this trip because “fresh seafood” will be served from the fishing boat directly…SAY WHAT?

    Thaiguide and the Roaming cook design a full fun trip for you to see real life fishermen come back from fishing and sell their products right there. All types of seafood are waiting for you. You name it, we have it! Specially, the famous banana shrimp will make your mouth watery by imaging how fresh and sweet it can be….hmmm

    The best timing for the banana shrimp would be during the mid of June – July. Just make sure you can be there when they arrive at 7am. Let’s be their guests to shop and chill at the beach!

    The botanical garden and it’s mysterious scenery .  You will be enchanted while sailing in the boat to discover the never-never land.

    Highlights of the trip

    • Sailing in the botanical garden like movie scenes
    • shopping for cheap plans
    • See real life fishermen and feel free to join their activities
    • Chill by the beach with the morning sun and enjoy your seafood
    • Shop fresh seafood as you like

    Travel Agency : Tir Journey

    Trip Style : 1 Day trip

    Price : 3,300 baht / person

    Catagories : Ecotourism

    Type of Payment : Cash,Credit

    7-9 Hrs.
    Van |
    Gourmet trip

    Season you should visit:

    Summer(Mid Feb. - Mid May)
    Rainy(Mid May - Mid Oct.)
    Winter(Mid Oct. - Mid Feb.)
  • Itinerary

  • Trip Details

    Van |
    Max Travelers
    Thai, English
  • Price Condition

    This price includes entrance fees and activities specified in the program.
    Travel by van
    Price is included the meal and cooking fee
    Insurance for accident
    Trip for 4 persons
    Advance booking is a must ( 7 days in advance)
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