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UNSEEN TEMPLE IN PAYAO : Huay Pha Kaeng Temple

UNSEEN TEMPLE IN PAYAO : Huay Pha Kaeng Temple

Are you a big fan of northern Thailand? If Yes, then you’d know there are so much more than just Chiangrai and Chiangmai. Just a little off the beaten path lies a peaceful town called “Payao”, a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The “FAM Trip: a gateway to eastern Lanna” is an activity organized by Chiangrai provincial Tourism and Sports Bureau created to promote tourist destinations in the upper northern region, and THAIGUIDE was invited to join this fun trip.

Unseen spot : Wat huay pha kiang is a peaceful temple surrounded by lush greenery. A series of stone-carved Buddha is on display on the mountain cliff. The temple’s old name is Pathamnimit.

Highlight : The greatest highlight which can never be found in any other temples in this world is the stone reclining Buddha statue. Not too many people know that this stone reclining Buddha statue is very unique because of his left-sided reclining position, while all other reclining Buddha statues are always made using a right-sided reclining position. This unique statue was made in 2007 to honor to the late king Rama IX on his 80th birthday, marking the point of the Buddha’s lifecycle.

The real nature: Given that this temple is still unseen by tourists, its original marvel is still perfectly preserved by untouched nature. So, make sure that you are prepared to do some adventure on the hike to the temple.

The greatest charm of Huay Pha Kaeng Temple is undeniably the hiking trails into the nature and the sandstone Buddha sculptures on the cliffside with its rare original white stones.

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