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Village Tourism 4.0 Baan Lum Kanoon, Trang province

Village Tourism 4.0 Baan Lum Kanoon, Trang province

Kayaking down 5 streams and enjoying folk art at the new Cultural Attractions, Baan Lum Kanoon in Trang province.

Getting close to the nature while traveling is always a good choice. This week, let’s pack our bags and experience the new travel route in Trang. We’ll visit “Baan Lum Kanoon”, a village promoted to be 1 of the 10 cultural attractions under the “Village to the World 4.0” project by Tourism Authority of Thailand.


Main Highlights

  1. Enjoy beautiful scenery and get nice photos to check-in online.
  2. Kayak down 5 streams and be blown away by the nature.
  3. Have a fun time with unique local culture like “Manora dance” and “Nang Talung”, a shadow puppet show and get a hands-on experience.
  4. Shop interesting local products such as Tie-Dye fabric products and herbs

Baan Lum Kanoon Village situated in Trang province is outstanding among other villages as a national learning center. This small village is the mixed farming learning model which applies sufficiency economy philosophy with agricultural village. Besides being a good model of mixed farming and an integrated chicken-fish farming, Baan Lum Kanoon is blessed with beautiful nature waiting for tourists to discover and appreciate. With an interesting way of living and beautiful nature, Baan Lum Kanoon was selected to be part of the Village Tourism 4.0 activity under the “Village to The World 4.0” project. The project aims at creating activities and promoting community tourism which is expected to create a sustainable income for the villagers.


         Beautiful scenery and a kayak ride though natural streams

Once arrive at Baan Lum Kanoon Village, not only will you get to view stunning mountain mist, you will also get to try adventurous activity like kayaking. Kayak down 5 beautiful streams from the main canal called “Lam Pi Kun Canal” and 4 tributaries, Lam Kanun Canal, Sai Rung waterfall, Lam Tor Canal, and Lam Pi Na Canal. Along this 8-kilmeter journey, you can enjoy the natural beauty of Para rubber tree plantations and fruit gardens from both sides of canals.


          Outstanding art and culture at Baan Lum Kanoon Village

“Manora dance” and a shadow puppet show called “Nang Talung” are Baan Lum Kanoon Village’s unique art and culture. Here, you can participate in a cultural learning activity such as carving “Nang Talung”.  This exercise allows tourists to receive a hands-on experience on carving and learning southern Thai culture at the same time.


“Only 20 kilometers away from Muang district in Trang province, you can stay at a homestay in the village and enjoy memorable and diverse activities including kayaking down a canal and buying tie-dye fabric products and herbs. For those interested in travel packages, Tourism Authority of Thailand has many interesting vacation package offers at the 45th Thai Teaw Thai (TTT) Travel Fair to be held at IMPACT Challenger Hall 3 and 4, Muang Thong Thani from 2-5 November 2017. For more information, please visit Mr.Apichai Chatchalermkit, Director of Travel Activity Promotion Division.

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