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Why Red is the colour for Chinese New Year

Why Red is the colour for Chinese New Year

Red is the colour when Chinese New Year Comes, Everything that can be red will turn to red colour. People are wearing red outfit. The lanterns, Money Envelop (Ang-Bao) also red. But have you ever wondered why??

Colour in Chinese culture

Refers to the certain values that Chinese culture attaches to colors red lanterns to red envelopes, The reason why the colour red is so popular in Chinese culture is because of the ancient stories.

According to ancient stories, In every New Year there was a monster called “Nian” (年 = year) who would come and devour villagers, crops and livestock. People in the village found that this beast was afraid of firelights, blasting sounds and red colour. So to prevent this beast destroy all the crops, in every year before New Years Eve the Chinese would wear red and turn all the decoration in to red.

Red as a symbolic

In addition, red also a  symbolizes for good luck and good fortune in Chinese culture. Chinese New Year is a festival where Chinese people are gather with their families to celebrate the Lunar New Year. so this maybe the explanation why Chinese people wear red so often to cheer the luck to their family.

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